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Why You Should Marry SEO & SEM Under One Roof With One Company

Often when we meet a new client or prospect they come to use either via organic search (“San Diego SEO Consultant”, “San Diego E-Commerce”, etc) or word of mouth. They almost always ask for one particular service. They say “We are looking for experts in SEO” or “We need help with PPC”. One one hand, this is an ideal prospect or client. They know what they want and aren’t asking for every internet marketing service at once with no consideration of the budget it requires. However, at the same token clients often have the ideaology that they can only hire one specialist team for one portion of their online marketing. Effectively they pidgeonhole to we hire this firm for X service and that firm for Y service.

Over the past two years I’ve seen a dynamic shift in both SEO and PPC and decided it would be valuable to combine the two channels under one roof, in other words a total search optimization. Not all my clients have dual services and that works nonetheless but here are some considerations for hiring a dual service search provider.

More Data, More Conversions

Operating strictly from organic traffic (SEO) can often limit perspective. Unless clients have tested the proper keywords, landing pages and services that convert it’s fairly a guessing game. Some other considerations in SEO are; Targeting keywords that are seasonal or no longer relevant in 2021.

Operating strictly from paid search (PPC) can also bias results. You need to fence your keyword targeting somehow, and are basing results on each budgeted click. SEO will often yield keywords that are successful to your business randomly based on Google’s algorithm.

As seen above, reliance solely on one channel is not bulletproof. There are viable gaps of using both independently. That said, the overall consideration is that by deploying both search channels (SEO/PPC) under one roof or with one consultancy you get a large pool of data. More data equals more insights, equals more optimizational efforts to get more conversions. We use both channels to successfully net more conversions and play them off of each other.

SEO is Opaque, PPC is Myopic