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SEO AuditSEO Audit

SEO Expert – Website Audit

The search algorithm comprises over 200 factors that are segmented into these key categories:

  • Code Optimization
  • Content & Onsite Optimization
  • Website Performance
  • Backlink Profile
  • Usability & User Experience


Code and content changes

provide immediate traffic improvements, as they are under the control of the website owner and can usually be implemented quickly with minimal effort. Link improvements are mainly outside the direct control of the website owner and require a longer-term approach. Modern SEO practices have evolved to encompass much more than keyword and link building activities. For SEO to be successful, a holistic marketing approach must be considered. Brand exposure and enhancement through the generation of quality and authoritative content, the garnering of reputable links, website integrity, adherence to Google guidelines and user engagement all contribute to an effective SEO strategy. A sound SEO Audit of consultant will analyze these factors in a 360-degree perspective.


Some Quick Wins to obtain higher SEO visibility are

  • Improve website speed on both mobile & desktop.
  • Competitor analysis for keyword research and to find backlink opportunities.
  • Reassess Important eCommerce schema like product & review is missing.
  • Build high authority links for the website to increase domain authority and search visibility of the website.
  • Setup canonical tag for web pages to avoid content duplication issue. Refresh/Optimize heading tag for products

A professional SEO audit will entail looking under the hood at website diagnostics and overall traffic analytics. If you are interested in an audit for your website and are a serious looker, please get in touch so we can break down for you some milestones and tasks that your business needs to remain competitive online.