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SEO Agency In  San DiegoSEO Agency In San Diego

SEO is aguably, the highest return on investment you business earn online, but search engine optimization is also very misunderstood. Majority of clients have tried search engine optimization (SEO) for their e-commerce business as it can scale revenue unlike other channels where you are also increasing spend with the inflow of traffic and visits.

SEO is beneficial as you bring the overall domain authority of the website up throughout a process that takes months – to years and eventually the search engine grants more search impressions and you are showing up for keywords without pay for each click through. The only SEO campaign that will put your revenue first is incorporating on-site optimization with consistent content marketing to garner natural, authoritative inbound links back to your website. So, you may have heard about backlinks or articles in SEO and as it is a core feature in any legitimate search engine optimization campaign, you may want to understand more about why they are important:

  • Backlinks are the most influential component to boost the website authority & organic traffic.
  • One of the most effective ways to positively increase your SEO rankings is to get backlinks from other high ranking, trusted websites. Google grants the website with more credibility and traffic that have a higher quantity of trusted websites linking to their domain.
  • Content outreach is an effective way to getting a link from a website. If the content you are offering is well written and helpful to the industry, websites are more likely to include it on their website and offer a link to your site.
  • Once your brand begins to grow, you’ll begin to gain more attention from other big brands and websites. Which usually means more links as it’s a catch 22. It is a process but the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll begin to see some serious SEO results.

Our Process

  • Research and analyze the right search keywords for the website. We then will share the final excel sheet to pick the most important keywords to be targeted on the website. It includes the analysis of the competitors top ranking keywords.
  • Recommend the technical SEO friendly website changes to implement.
  • Content gap analysis & recommendations report on website landing pages, blog posts, etc. adding the targeted keywords.
  • Analyze the existing Google search console, Google Analytics accounts for better Google search & reporting experience.
  • Inbound backlinks are most important SEO factor for any website. It is an ongoing monthly process to build new good authority backlinks for the website. We will setup the strategy and topical subjects to get your website rankings higher.

We pride ourselves in offering custom SEO campaigns based on the website itself that is not a cookie cutter or used based on SEO from last year. All our campaigns buffer some hours monthly for ad hoc hours to give your website exactly what it needs to rank and remain profitable organically. Get in touch to explore an SEO campaign!

Frequently Asked Questions – Common Confusion Clients Have

Lacking Sufficient Budget

One of the most common reasons for business owners not taking that much needed step into developing their online presence is because they don’t have the budget, or lack sufficient budget to get proper results. We tend to hear this predominately from prospective clients that are dealing with negative profit margins or a decline in business.

Budget concerns are misplaced due to two significant reasons.

First, back in the day, in the early 90’s when owners really started to think about extending their business presence online, digital marketing and website development were significantly more expensive than they are now. If this is a primary concern and obstacle why you have not made the decision to expand your brand online, it’s vital to realize that the price you are able to spend to establish an Internet presence has significantly decreased, making an easier entry for business owners.

Another fact to recognize is that generally most businesses who decide to expand their brand online will see a significant increase in customer transactions which correlates precisely to their online marketing efforts. An effective online presence & high visibility should be looked at as less of a cost and more of an investment for the future and steady growth of your business. With the power and reach the Internet has today, the initial investment into a focused and effective SEO strategy, could end up bringing you a consistent flow of customers for years to come.

Uncertainty Of SEO Benefit For Your Business

Another primary concern for business owners when it comes to developing the correct SEO strategy is can’t understand how SEO works.

Common SEO concerns are:
What is the first thing I need to do to get started? How does someone find my website online? How do I even rank in Google? How do I outrank other competitors who started their online marketing efforts years before me?

If you aren’t technically savvy, the idea of employing an advanced search engine optimization strategy for your business may seem overwhelming or daunting.

As a CEO of your business, you should spend time on money-making activities such as generating new clients and promoting your business, leaving the technology and web landscape processes to a dedicated professional.

We Can Do SEO In House Ourselves

A common objection we hear when it comes to SEO for businesses is that they want to attempt to do it themselves or use their in house team. SEO, just like any other profession, takes years to master and there is an extremely steep learning curve for people just entering the space.

Not to mention, SEO is constantly changing and what worked just 6 months ago, may not work today. This means you need to stay updated on the constant Algorithm changes and updates that Google makes.

If you want to get the most use from your time and money you want to hire an SEO professional that will craft a strategy that is designed to bring more online visitors, and analyze how to convert those visitors into dollars (leads or transactions).

In the end, many companies will try to do SEO themselves and realize it is best left to an experienced team they can trust. Hire an experienced SEO consultancy that will do can begin correctly from the start and do the job right.

We Already Have A Website

Often businesses are hesitant towards hiring a SEO specialist because they’ve already taken the time to create other online assets such as social media accounts.

Just because they have a social media account that they’re actively posting on, doesn’t mean that this will translate into real customers walking in the door or even if they seem to have a following.

If you currently have a social media presence but are not using an effective and proven SEO strategy, your content will get lost in a sea of content that is produced by all your competitors. The difference is they’ll get found and you won’t and you’ll be losing real estate online and potential customers your competitors are gaining while increasing their brand exposure.

SEO should not replace your social media efforts, but instead supplement this medium. If you currently have a social media following, it’s vital to leverage the following by assisting your website ranking higher in Google where potential customers are actively seeking for the service your business offers.

Customers Aren’t Finding Us Online

A common objection that is commonly heard amongst business owners when they mention that true customers are not using the internet to find them.

In essence, business owners either devalue internet traffic or feel it has no influence on their potential prospects and customers, so they don’t see the need to invest into an online marketing strategy.

Statistics show that over 90% of consumers search online for a local business prior to even calling or going to visit the storefront.

Despite what has or has not been successful in prior years, the reality in 2020 is that the majority of your potential customers are searching for local businesses online as a prerequisite to the customer journey or any sort of transaction.

Choosing to ignore the statistics of how modern society uses the internet in commerce and business is costly for the future of your business and brand. Period.

Not Enough Time To Oversee Search Engine Optimization

Another common objection heard from business owners about getting professional SEO help is that they are not planning or do not have the time to oversee and manage the SEO process.

Handling everything from marketing, to customer fulfillment businesses already have limited bandwidth and they feel it’s impossible to take the time out to learn SEO and monitor it daily. The better and smarter alternative is hiring an SEO professional who can get faster results and has a team that is well versed in carrying the execution out. Businesses do not need much time to keep an eye on SEO if they are willing to pay for the extra resources such as content and trust the process until it traffic starts to flow in.

Trust your SEO expert will fulfill the hard work and can effectively increase your traffic and conversions, so you can focus on other more important macro elements of your business.

SEO Doesn’t Work, We Tried It Already

In 2020, most businesses have given SEO an attempt at least once, many multiple times whether they had an in house team member or hired someone they knew. While there may have been marginal results, it wasn’t the desired result or it didn’t make a significant difference in their business and this may cause a lack of trust for a new SEO initiative.

If you are a business owner that can relate to this sentiment, it’s important to understand that search engine optimization and most marketing channels are not a one time fix but rather an ongoing process that is constantly evolving. To get long term measurable results you must have a qualified professional that does not get complacent and follows the best algorithmic practices. In fact, 90% of the most profitable SEO campaigns have been a continuous month over month effort for more than 2 years including link building and optimizations.

TV, Radio, Newspaper & Pay Per Click Is Better – “We’ve Seen The Results”

Local business owners tend to think that there’s no need to invest further into their online marketing strategy because existing advertising methods are producing results.

We get it, if you have a process that is already working and producing great results for your business, why consider an entirely new and unfamiliar strategy?

SEO is never meant to completely replace an existing strategy that is working, but it’s about supporting the existing channels online and marketing strategy. SEO really ups the ante for your business, giving you that competitive edge on your competition.

While there are other marketing methods that are highly effective, SEO makes it much easier for potential customers to find your business online, and users tend to trust the organic listings in higher regard than “paid” ads. This can assist in building rapport, and getting further information about your services before they even contact you.

It’s also worth noting that having an online presence will attract many additional customers who you otherwise may not have had from your offline marketing efforts. This means you can see much greater success by adding this strategy to in combination to other tactics you’re employing.

Nothing Is Sold Online, Is That A Problem?

Whether your target customer is seeking a contact phone number, business hours, pricing information and/or just general information about the business, the fact is those customers begin the process initially online, even if you don’t directly see it happening. What makes SEO so impactful to you as a business owner, whom is already so busy is that the process is automatic. Meaning, it requires no effort from your end and the internet is live 24-7. You might be out of the office for the weekend, but customers aren’t adhering to this schedule. They continue to research and browse your offering at their leisure and opt into your website not expecting an immediate call back if it’s Sunday night at 9pm.

The Timing Is Not Great, We Want To Start Next Quarter

Employing a detailed and effective strategy SEO strategy that exposes your business to new customers on a daily basis is vital indirectly grows businesses exponentially, but some business owners still can’t connect the true value. That’s okay, as it usually indicates inexperience with white hat, long term SEO success.

The first misunderstanding is believing that customers don’t conduct online searches for businesses in their area before doing anything else. These prospects are looking to fulfill a specific need that your business already offers. Once they reach your website, they’ll also be looking for your contact information and credibility such as reviews and experience to solve the issue at hand.

Businesses lacking a proven SEO strategy, are letting competitors steal your customers from you.

We’ve gone through many logical reasons as to why your business should be utilizing SEO as a complementary strategy to the current methods you are using to drive traffic and new customers to your business. Please read above if you’ve just skipped to this portion.

Once you finally lock in an efficient SEO blueprint to drive results it’s like hiring a full sales force that works for you 24/7 promoting your business.