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Facebook is one of the best forms of advertising today for any ecommerce product of store is the Facebook ad network. With a growing population of over a billion active users it has become a behemoth of a marketing channel for many businesses. Facebook advertising allows ecommerce business to turn a campaign on and off whenever you’d like (much different than a billboard or TV commercial). This allows for holiday promotions or increased visibility when it’s peak season for your target market. There’s also a social aspect of Facebook which many ecommerce products that reason emotionally or have a personal appeal do phenomenally. Facebook is a very personalized advertising platform with robust features such as: interest, income level, geographic region and more.

Why Facebook Advertising for E-commerce?

  • Utilize Facebook’s network of targeting users based on Google Analytics data and interests.
  • Dynamic service ads, multi-services carousel ads, retargeting Facebook campaigns, Video ads.
  • Custom audiences, behavior and interest, geographic region etc.
  • Setup retargeting pixel and collect users to re-engage existing non-converting users with promotion or offer.
  • Run ad copies across news feed, mobile news feed, Instagram, right column feed.
  • Utilize call to action buttons on ads to increase conversion
  • Effectively track conversions & visits to website.

Many of our prior Google AdWords clients have tested Facebook Ads and never turn back. Often it can be a lower CPC on Facebook network than Google and give users a visual representation of product and social proof. If you are not sure if Facebook advertising is right for your e-commerce business, please contact us and we will assess existing traffic to understand the current value of social before engaging in a campaign.


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Cody is our source both for Shopify and Digital Marketing. He has been invaluable with implementing advertising and conversion strategies that has grown our business online!

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