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Digital Marketing  CampaignsDigital Marketing Campaigns

Campaigns are really the lifeblood of any successful e-commerce or online business.
You cannot continue to scale organically, paid, socially or in general if you do not define clear goals and an effective strategy to follow week by week, month by month, year over year. Executing without a logical strategy isn’t effective. Over strategizing with lack of action or execution tends to plague the internet marketing industry and it is the easiest way to be taken advantage of. All our e-commerce clients are long term clients who trust us entirely and came to us in the first place to find transparency and speak directly with the exact source that is involved in making the monthly revenue.
We are the blend your business needs and believe in execution just as much as our monthly brainstorming.

Benefits to A Digital Marketing Campaign

  • Full Audit – Dive into your existing marketing channels to uncover weak points and improvements.
  • Weekly deliverables and a game plan based on your specific product, audience and medium.
  • Overall strategic marketing direction as well as granular channel strategy.
  • Long term relationship and rates that do not change when your revenue increases drastically.
  • Access to team members and personal meetings to help your business.
  • Monthly & Quarterly data analysis and reporting to hold accountability.

Many ecommerce clients are taken back by the retainer or pricing if they are newly inquiring about an SEO campaign or paid search campaign. However, the goal of any e-commerce consultant worth their salt is to continue to show a higher return on investment with time. Much of the work involved in an SEO campaign for example is very strenuous and daunting the first couple of months as traffic and revenue do not reflect much of a change. Please browse our case studies of ecommerce clients and you can see a traffic spike typically around month 4 or 5 that continues to explode. It’s imperative that we chose a retainer or monthly campaign block of hours that is relative to your existing revenue and allows enough bandwidth to scale your business.