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My Digital Marketing Services Include

[/mk_fancy_title][mk_steps step=”5″ hover_color=”#00c8d7″ icon_1=”moon-meter-fast” title_1=”Pre-Production SEO” desc_1=”Full On-Site Analysis & Thematic Mapping For New Or Existing Websites Looking To Increase Organic Indexation.” icon_2=”moon-location-4″ title_2=”Search Engine Optimization” desc_2=”Technical Optimization & Outreach to Build Your Organic Presence in the Search Engine.” icon_3=”moon-phone-2″ title_3=”Lead Generation” desc_3=”Landing Page Creation & Paid Advertising to Bring in Targeted Leads.” icon_4=”moon-lamp-3″ title_4=”Web Development ” desc_4=”Custom CMS Built Websites To Showcase Your Brand, Portfolio & Engage Prospects, Like This!” icon_5=”moon-cart-checkout” title_5=”User Experience” desc_5=”If you already have a steady rate of traffic but Revenue has declined, conversion rate optimization testing & implementation can increase your bottom line.” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last” url_2=”” url_4=””][mk_button dimension=”three” size=”large” outline_skin=”dark” outline_active_color=”#fff” outline_hover_color=”#333333″ bg_color=”#eaeaea” text_color=”dark” target=”_self” align=”center” fullwidth=”false” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”15″ icon=”moon-tag-2″ animation=”fade-in” url=””]

Package Minimums & Terms – See Now


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I Work Best With:

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  • New Brands In Emerging Industries
  • Companies that understand their market in & out
  • Brands & Companies utilizing PR, Social Media & Offline Marketing
  • Companies who seek a long term, sustainable online growth
  • Brands/Companies/Professionals that know their budget
  • Companies Who looking to partner up and kill it online



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You May Not Be The Right Fit If:

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  • Your budget is better spent on internal issues already existing in your business
  • Search is your make or break solution and whole budget
  • You aren’t aware of your competitors or market
  • Undefined Monthly Budget
  • Lacking Sufficient Funds To Engage
  • Difficulty delegating responsibility in regards to strategy defined



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Inbound Marketing & Search Engine Optimization is much a game of patience & budget. Resources, Budget & knowledge of why it takes time is essential for us to engage. Call Me Direct or setup a call if you are ready to crush it online.

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Specific Consulting Services:

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  • WordPress – Development, Plugins, Troubleshooting, Consulting, SEO
  • Search Engine Optimization – Audits, Pre-production, Penalty Recovery, Outreach, Campaigns
  • Magento – SEO & Development
  • Shopify – SEO & Development
  • E-Commerce – Conversion & Traffic Growth
  • Paid Search – Bing, Adwords, Facebook & YouTube


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