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Search Engine Optimization – Case Study & Strategic Meeting Initiatives

seo campaign for vaping company

Below is an example of an SEO client meeting of what we are doing to keep sales and traffic going strong. The goal of this post is to share some of what goes into an SEO campaign and ultimately the results we achieved over a 6 month time period from November 2021 to April 2022.


E-Commerce Sales Improvement & New User/Clicks From SEO.


Optimized URLs Improvement.

Reporting URL: https://datastudio.google.com/reporting/b232e200-7d7b-4d45-863b-1f3a84522da2

Main Strategy Items:

  1. Core Web Vital Fixes
  2. Monthly Internal Linking Audits
  3. Content Calendar
  4. CRO Audit
  5. Syndication
  6. Local Citation & Directories
  7. Off-Site Content Marketing/outreach
  8. Building Free Tools
  9. Vaping Podcasts
  10. Social Media Sharing

Core Web Vitals fixes:

WP engine, SEO & Developers.

  • Speed Reduction – homepage and graphics on dev site that were loading slowly.
  • Working on the entirety of the website month over month.
  • CLS due to popup, all other errors are resolved with each cycle.

Monthly Internal Linking/Technical Audits

Page 2 Results. Cody is conducting extensive research/audits to find pages that would gain volume/rankings by improving search engine signals. We are also crawling the website from a search engine perspective and refining the code to make it easier for the bot to understand website relevance to ccell and vaping. I.E. Schema.

GOAL: Strategic technical SEO is a power move, especially for content marketing. It’s one of the most straightforward and simplest ways to experience SEO uptick.

Main purposes:

  • Indicates on-going maintenance and relevance of domain.
  • Aids in website navigation (errors).
  • Defines the architecture and hierarchy of a website.
  • Distributes page authority and ranking power throughout the site.
  • On-going split testing and experimenting to understand ranking signals.

Content Calendar:

Cody/content team are working to create a list of blog titles along with a main keyword and a cluster of halo keywords for each one. This helps organize the creation of content moving forward to ensure that the strategy is aligned with our SEO efforts.

GOAL: The goal of the Content Calendar is to create true alignment between the blog content we will be creating and the Target Pages with their respective Target keywords. We look at a website in the same fashion as Google:

  • Main Content: home page, category pages, product/service pages
  • Supporting Content: blog posts, FAQ pages, Testimonial content, Review content, Resource sections
  • Schema FAQs, Header Paragraphs, “Ultimate Guide To Vaping

CRO Audit:

This is a bi-weekly activity that’s being done with + UX expert + the copywriter.


By publishing or republishing content to be optimized for pickups by news outlets, your copy functions as both a pillar blog as well as its own PR.

GOAL: A Syndication’s primary goal is to highlight a main achievement or differentiator of your company, promoted through news source channels. This is similar to a press release, but with a stronger SEO play. These third-party news sites will link back to you, rather than a PR publishing site — thus increasing your backlinking and authority.

Outreach team is working on this.

Local Citation & Directories:

We conduct extensive research to find the directories in which you may have existing citations. We are looking to see if those existing citations follow Google’s Local SEO guidelines. If we notice that you do not have a citation on a particular directory then we will build a citation.

GOAL: Winning the local search game requires more than just showing up on Facebook, Bing, and Yelp. To be visible to the customers you want to attract, you’ll need to build a presence on local citation sites and directories, both general and specific to your business.

Outreach team is working on this.

Offsite Content Marketing

Offsite Content Marketing outreach to an existing relevant industry blog page that has built Page Authority. This is in an effort to increase your SEO Authority. 500 to 750 words of content included in the offsite article.

GOAL: Offsite Content Marketing is one of the most important things you can do in terms of off-site search engine optimization. As you probably know, search engines like Google tend to rank pages higher in search results based on the number and quality of links to those pages.

Joanna/Rik/Viktor/Nenad are working on this.

Building free tools:

NP.com gets 4 million visits a month from Ubersuggest, Google builds tools to grow.:


We are working on this: He’s prototyping a simple tool that’s simple and would help us rank for the keyword Vape tool.

Industry Podcasts

We have been working to find a group of vapers who are passionate about vaping and can deliver in-depth content. NP.com gets about 2M downloads a month on the marketing school podcast.

Social Media Sharing

All contact that’s relevant is being shared on Reddit, on related FB groups & discord groups.