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Cody J. Bollerman

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Digital Marketing Consultant

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Starting out with a basic wordpress site circa 2007 I learned much of the importance the web would hold for the future of business. After building websites for friends, I then realized a great website is not going to drive profitability to the business unless it is effectively bring in valuable leads. In hindsight, I am fortunate I spent the time to learn HTML, CSS and intermediate coding because it is a skill that has benefited me tremendously as a marketing professional. I feel I have the advantage over those who know strictly marketing strategy and theory without implementation of the true engineering involved.

Growing my knowledge of SEO, PPC and working for two well known agencies that had very savvy minds I was able to bring my own learned skills to a more corporate environment. Soon I was working on enterprise accounts dealing with clients from Advertise.com to DJO Global Incorporated. I feel strongly that working with CMO’s and high level clients is a skill in itself but I was fortunate to hone my skills of working with a hierarchical corporation while offering result driven marketing.

With all of my jobs, I always felt like an entrepreneur. Naturally, after meeting so many other business owners we all agree at some point you realize you were destined to be a business owner. After serving as director for one of the largest e-commerce agencies in San Diego I decided to go against the comfort zone of a very high salary and benefits delegating the work to jumping into the unknown and starting my own consultancy. I hit the ground running ranking my own website to draw in leads, began building a team of specialized contractors and began my venture knowing that I could give clients much more value at a much more affordable spend than any prior digital marketing company I’d worked with/for.

Fast forward 3 years and now I am consulting on fewer accounts but have a much larger impact on each. I am fortunate to have built a team of contractors with over 30 years marketing experience and deliver amazing results online. In an industry that is always changing we take pride in the fact that we deliver consistent results.

Feel free to see if we are the right fit by filling out this contact form & I will get in touch.


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Digital Marketing Consulting Skills & Accolades

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California State University San Marcos – Bachelor Of Science Business Administration (Emphasis in Marketing)

Contact info

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  • Google Analytics Certified
  • Listed As Top SEO Consultant San Diego 2015
  • Advanced Analytics & Goal Tracking – Google Analytics Course
  • Contributed to Business.com, Huffington Post, Search Engine Journal, etc.
  • Mesa College – PHP, HTML & WordPress 2 – 2012-2013


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