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To effectively attain SEO results every marketer or business owner needs to first understand it is a long term strategy with consistency of work (quality content, technical optimization, user experience, metric improvement, etc.). Second, it is imperative that your business is contacting a professional that is educated, stays on-top of Google’s latest practices & finally believes in transparency in good times and bad. Experience with algorithm changes and a multitude of various platforms (Custom HTML, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, BigCommerce, ect.) should be step one to filter through agencies or consultants to use for an SEO campaign.

Next, it is important the consultant or agency understands the big picture. If you are considering hiring a consultant and they are focused on one keyword or one aspect (Link Building) be weary. With Google now implementing co-citation, social and focus on user metrics it is wise to choose someone with enough experience to visualize the larger picture so you are not stuck in 2008 SEO strategies.

The best option for SEO consulting is to hire an expert whom understands a broad realm of aspects such as: html/code language, social media integration, metrics and experience dealing with a bot (search engine).

Search Engine Optimization Preliminary Checklist: Caveats

Of course, in any industry or service in which is not fully understood there is the opportunity for one side to take advantage. However, many clients/businesses also do not realize the true nature of organic rankings and work effort involved so this checklist is a good guideline.


I’ve also outlined a good list of what makes the right company and model for Search Engine Optimization or Inbound Marketing based on my experience, just read past the “Digital Marketing Services” to section “I work best with.”

SEO is about efficient code/site architecture, creative marketing strategy, user experience and the key – ongoing preservation and optimization from an experienced professional. As a business seeking SEO, your goal should prioritize an experienced technician that understands a wide variety of solutions stated above – it can be very daunting to balance both marketing and IT. Simply put, SEO is a tremendous amount of patience and detail-oriented hard work. Also, when looking for effective SEO in 2016 you need to feel comfortable the team or expert you are hiring is transparent in activities. In the past it was common for websites to get penalized due to SEO’s that were black hat and not operating with 100% integrity. Ask questions and get a feel for the honesty and integrity, that is very important in the hiring process.

Search Engine Optimization is all about adaptation. Each week there are new challenges and information to process, test and benchmark. An experienced consultant understands that the best SEOs are open and don’t believe they are a know it all. If you’re in the process of hiring an SEO ask a challenging question that is well researched. If the Firm, Consultant or Expert needs to sound as if everything will work perfectly and can’t give reasoning behind, run away quick. In my campaigns I team up and encourage any clients to present new information. Of course, I am production oriented and too much questioning takes away from results but I will look into various requests to ensure I am giving highest value to each campaign. Often times the answer is not a matter of wits, it is a matter of analyzing data associated with potential challenge.

If you are not invested in your campaign or the idea of digital marketing, it may be best to avoid trying to play the middle ground. Any campaign or consultant offering fees of under $1,000 per month (I found both consulting and working at two high level agencies) simply will not get efficient results. I often get calls from companies that hired to unexperienced professionals or a team overseas for a low monthly fee and the damage is sometimes is too drastic. It is unfortunately sometimes a better web strategy to start fresh. Search is a wheel that you begin to turn with quality, time, content and many other aspects. The work involved in a SEO campaign is very intensive and I am actually cautious to work with clients that don’t have any experience or don’t see the full picture or how it really works. The web has hundreds of thousands of listings, to truly differentiate one’s presence the work involved is competitive and takes a solid budget to get full return and successfully grow this portion of the business online.

Here is an article from a well known industry SEO Rand Fishkin – This should give you a good basis of how to qualify your SEO or consultant.

“The success of a page should be measured by one criteria: Does the visitor do what you want them to do?”

Aaron Wall

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