Search Engine Marketing for 2014

If there’s one thing that’s predictable about SEO, it’s change. Because Google and other major search engines are focused on providing the best possible search results for their users, they’re constantly changing how they evaluate websites in order to cut down on spam content and give more prominence to sites with useful content. 5 years ago, backlinks were everything and while they still have an important role to play, they’re now just one piece of a larger puzzle when it comes to search engine marketing.

San Diego Internet Marketing ConsultantFor digital marketers and website owners, it’s incredibly useful to know what tactics actually work right now when it comes to getting better search engine rankings. With this in mind, let’s look at the biggest trends in SEO for 2014.

Biggest SEO Trends in 2014 

  • Quality is King – Anyone who’s even dabbled in internet marketing will have heard the phrase ‘content is king’ but in 2014, quality is king. Quality doesn’t just refer to the types of places you’re getting backlinks from either. Every part of your site, from the content to the user experience will be taken into account by Google.
  • Local Search – Local search is something that every internet marketer needs to be aware of. For any brick and mortar business, the importance of local search is huge. With around 85% of people now using search engines to find local businesses, it’s no longer adequate to simply target generic keywords.
  • Rich Snippets Given More Importance – Linking your website appropriately in google webmaster tools as well as markup to distinguish the niche and intricate details of the website theme. This is similar to an XML Sitemap of just telling the Search Engine more data to evaluate and place more authority to your domain.
  • Visual Social Media Gains Influence – Social media has affected search engine rankings for a good while now, but in 2014 there is a greater emphasis on visual social media platforms. The big players of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are still very worth investing time in but sites such as Instagram and Pinterest have now started to be viewed by business owners as being just as valuable when it comes to getting traffic.
  • Mobile SEO – Mobile traffic now makes up a huge portion of all internet traffic so it stands to reason that mobile SEO is something that site owners are now very concerned. Making a website optimised for mobile devices means having a responsive design and fast loading content.
  • On Page SEO – People are finally cottoning on to the fact that on-page content is every bit as important as backlinks when it comes to search engine rankings. Page titles, header layout, alt image tags and content are all vitally important for SEO. 

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