Schema Reviews – Search Engine Optimization Implications

Many websites are still in the dark about schema reviews and schemas in general. is a microdata vocabulary used to mark up content as rich snippets. Schema reviews, one of many types of schemas, take data from your website data and structure it so it’s more appealing in search engine results. The two biggest questions people still have is why and how to use them.

What Makes Them SEO Friendly?

Imagine telling search engines exactly what you want them to display from your website. If you want a review to be displayed versus a random snippet of text, a schema review marks up the review content in a structured format that search engines pick up on. While not all search engines recognize them, major ones do, such as Google and Bing. Rich snippets stand out to users and instantly show them you’re offering what they’re looking for, making them more SEO friendly.

Why Google Loves Them?

Google is able to quickly find and understand the type of information you’re trying to present. For instance, if a person searches for baseball bat reviews, Google will see you have review markup data on your page and the text is about baseball bats. Google knows your search result is relevant. Plus, they can display more detailed results, making it easier for searchers to find exactly what they are searching for.

How To Install Schema Reviews On WordPress?

Installing schema reviews on WordPress is fairly easy. The best way to do it is via a plugin. You don’t have to manually code everything. Plus, many of the plugins are generators that guide you through the process. For instance, the Schema Creator adds a SC button to your post editor. Click it and enter the required information. Click Insert and you’re done. WordPress has several pages of schema plugins for all types of sites. Some offer more customizable options than others. Try a few to see which ones work best for your site.

How To Code Schema Reviews Manually?

To start adding a schema review to your site manually, you’ll need to include itemscope itemtype=“” within div tags in the HTML of your site. You’ll need to include the name of the reviewer, item being reviewed and either the item rating or the date of the review for Google to show it. provides a full list of properties you can use. All of these are commonly used within reviews. If you want to make the manual method easier, try the Schema Creator web tool. You enter the required information and it generates the code for you. You can paste the code directly into your site’s HTML or edit it as needed based on other schema review properties to customize it. The tool also provides a Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool link to instantly test your code to see if it looks right.

While many sites aren’t using schema reviews yet, the number is increasing. With search engine giant Google on board, now is the time to implement them. From single reviews to aggregates, schema reviews are easy to set up and give your site a boost in search results.

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