Ranking In Less Than A Week – Case Study

Yes, its still possible. Even in 2016. I am constantly trying to experiment and use my own micro sites to learn more about marketing and algorithms because forums and daily posters at search engine land, etc. typically ALWAYS have an agenda, hidden promoted link, whatever you want to call it.

These are just what I’ve tested, I am sure there are more variations and rankings I haven’t manually monitored…

If you aren’t from San Diego, these are all cities within the county of San Diego. Also, for a local general contractor “second story additions” are hands down the most profitable jobs and therefore leads. So with that said here are some of the rankings I tried to target.






Much of what people read about growth hacking, SEO, facebook advertising, etc. are just old news spun to make it look original. Well, in this case here is exactly what I did to achieve first page, and in some case first position rankings in less than a week. Now three weeks later the keywords just continue to float in and in fact my dad’s remodeling company (tied to same contact form inbox) has had two qualified leads in just the couple weeks I launched this puppy. Here’s the steps I took:

  1. Bought domain – sandiegosecondstories.com
  2. Setup Hosting On Bluehost and Installed WordPress
  3. Threw on a Theme, Customized With:
    1. ~1,000 Word Article
    2. Video
    3. Opt-In Form For Estimates
    4. Side Bar with Cities Served: Important as I am ranking for many specific cities in San Diego county
    5. About Us Page: To give users a feel for the actual business behind the simple website.
  4. Plugins – Wordfence (security), SEO Yoast (SEO Basic), W3 Supercache (speed). Keep it simple.

I haven’t done an ounce of link building. My experiment here was duplicate internal content.

Lesson Learned: Duplicate Content is a bit over-rated in terms of danger. I will post an update when the site gets penalized (if so) but until then the basic experiment has already paid itself off with two leads one a second story estimated at $150k and the other estimated at $125k.

What are some legit experiments you’ve done? Not BS stuff you’ve read on Search Engine Land. I am definitely not comparing this to ranking “brown shoes” but I am just opening up the conversation of targeting a niche, not spending a huge amount of time and moving the needle. To me that is growth hacking.


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