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Earned Media Specialist

Outreach, Link-Building, Earned Media. They are all apart of the same strategy essentially. Although, these days it has become a controversial subject it is still arguably one of the most impactful portion for any on-going or inclining search engine optimization campaign.

Outreach is no longer about quantity and over-optimizing for a desired keyword set. Quality outreach is very, very time intensive and requires a good deal of patience, communication with bloggers, coordination with content writer and a creative to help craft newsworthy content, ideas or other link worthy material. Many clients or businesses do not understand how long and difficult the process of placing good content in front of the right audience truly is.

Link Building Examples

  • Authentic In Content Referral Links
  • Brand Mention or Thought Leadership Articles
  • Carefully crafted,  in-depth engaging content
  • Real Webmaster to Blogger Communication

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing & attaining quality earned links starts with the research and time allocation to generate topics and articles that matter. The days of hiring a writer on fiverr or using some automated software to spin existing articles obviously are by the wayside. What you will get with my service is a piece of content that you could use anywhere to get higher metrics, of course it will be leveraged to related sites. I am strategic in my attempt to look for topics of interest, higher search volume or simply articulated pieces that will convert unique visitors into potential customers or subscribers. If your company already has an in-house content writer this is excellent. I can analyze data and colloborate more on-site content for the content writer to produce as a bonus for assisting in the content production bandwidth side of things. Inbound Marketing is essential to stay ahead of the curve. But it has to be done correct. It should take enough time and be considered to be of such high quality that competitors or like sites just don’t have time to emulate. Essentially, these pieces are taking a piece of the expert authority voice in whatever niche your company is targeting.

Advantages Of Link-Building Consultant

  • Various tools to establish an organized chart prior to reaching out (BuzzSumo, Profiler and other tools help me examine which topics are being shared, buzzworthy and even worth starting to look at.
  • Experienced in blog negotiation and have a list of existing trusted sources I have already done business with.
  • Limit Engagements – this means you are getting a more manual approach and a unique pool of inbound links versus a breadcrumb of dozens of clients all linking to same sources.
  • Thorough process of screening and looking at ideal prospects (Current Indexation, Average organic & overall traffic coming to site, their outbound practices, their target audience, their tone and content quality on-site).

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