Want to Learn Search Marketing?

Search marketing is a fairly new concept that involves both paid and unpaid methods of gaining traffic exposure and website visibility. It encompasses both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) techniques. SEO primarily acquires via organic sources; SEM purchases traffic through paid search listings. What was originally labeled “search engine marketing” now essentially falls under the umbrella category “search marketing,” which encompasses the two.

OrganicHow can SEM increase business growth?

Modern technology is ever-evolving, just as brick-and-mortar companies are always changing strategies to promote growth. Many organizations are beginning to gear towards the online arena, taking advantage of the many ways the internet has provided the next steps for success. SEM is the means by which a company can attract targeted online audiences to increase daily traffic and convert leads and sales. SEM offers the best opportunities for competition and survival to a brand. Tools like search engine optimization, social media campaigns and email marketing can help organizations thrive like never before.

How to learn about search marketing

There are a variety of ways an individual can learn about this trend; however, gaining a clear understanding about the many facets of search marketing may prove to be a complex process because it is constantly growing. Anyone wanting to become an expert of this arena will need to be patient and persistent in their endeavors. Realize that once you feel like you’ve learned as much as possible, you may find that there are countless other search marketing techniques available and refuse to get frustrated.

Utilizing Google – the go-to source

People who are well-versed in a wealth of information are often referred to as “Google” by others and there’s a reason for that – This powerful search engine can virtually answer any question imaginable and a person can learn about many aspects of search marketing just by typing in the keywords. However, unless you are an extremely detail-oriented type, the amount of information that comes up may seem overwhelming. For people who prefer a hands-on method of approach to becoming educated in this area, other options are available.

If at first you don’t succeed…

Experience is often the best teacher and those who like to learn by practicing until their craft is perfected may find this option the most suitable. Research the latest search marketing trends and practice them on your own until you become more familiar with the process. Often, a person will find that one aspect of search marketing will build upon another and with enough time (and patience) it may begin to feel more understandable. For the tech-savvy individual, this may be the absolute best way to learn because getting a feel for what works and what doesn’t in the online arena is already second nature. Begin by implementing search marketing into a blog or website and identify which methods bring the most attention to your page. Google Analytics can help you determine which strategies are most effective.

Rand-Fishkin-whiteboard-fridaysLearn from experts who are already masters of search marketing

The progress of search marketing directly relies with how often a company uploads fresh content onto their page. Typically, engaging and informative content is updated at least once a week – if not more. This creates the opportunity to use keyword-rich content to draw attention to a specific brand or product and convert leads into sales. Why not read other people’s blogs to learn about the subject? Take a look at this list of bloggers who are incredibly informative and easy to understand:

Neil Patel – this blog offers information about several topics, including competitive data research, digital marketing trends, e-commerce, how-to’s, events and hot topics
Avinash Kaushik – this popular blogger is the author of several books and discusses topics like benchmarking performance, implementing appropriate data visualization and mobile website and app analytics
Rand Fishkin – The Moz Blog offers suggestions about improving unique value in content, predictions for the 2015 marketing world and advice on thought leadership

Intern for a reputable firm

If you’re extremely serious about learning the best search marketing strategies, this may be the best option. There may be no better way to master the craft then to spend time with professionals who are already experts in the field because they have a singular focus about the subject. I first got a hold of a freelance consultant I knew involved in the industry, learned from him and then was more skilled to get into an agency environment. Although, nowadays the demand seems to be higher than supply so you may even be able to get your foot in the door with some initiative and ability to want to learn. Learning from an agency and doing search independently on your own will give you the best skills to attract the right clients and be successful. Last of all make sure you are getting into search for the right reasons. It can be very exhaustive but also lucrative and rewarding when it is all said and done. In my opinion it is one of the most single attributable sources for the fuel of business growth these days in 2015.

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