LayerSlider in Wordpress – Tips & Advice

Sliders are the perfect way to showcase the best your site has to offer while grabbing a visitor’s attention quickly. Many WordPress sliders only give you a few options. They only accept certain size images and the few transitions they offer are bland at best. The LayerSlider WP plugin changes the game and makes it easy to take control over your sliders.

Choosing Sizes
For the most part, there are no ideal sizes for your slides. This depends mainly on your site and the size you choose for the slider itself. In most cases, images should be high resolution to avoid any degradation if the slider is resized on different screens. Since the slider is full width, rectangular images work best.The slider offers a responsive option which allows the slider to automatically resize for different screen sizes. Test images on desktop or laptop screens along with a tablet or smartphone screens to ensure images and the slider itself functions correctly on both large and small screens.You can edit the size of the slider to better fit your WordPress theme and desired slide images. You can also choose not to use the responsive feature if your images do not adjust well. Responsive is good to enable to ensure your slides are seen by the widest audience.

Playing With Transitions

The LayerSlider WP plugin offers a wealth of transistions to choose from. It features more than 200 transitions. Try out a few or all of the transitions with Kreatura Media’s demo slider. It’s quick and easy to see how each one works without having to manually switch transitions on your own site.

You have your choice of flying, fading, sliding, crossfading, turning, mirroring, scaling and more. All you have to do is choose the right transition for your site. Plus, you can easily edit the timing to prevent slides from transitioning in too quickly or slowly. With this many transitions, you can create professional or highly whimiscal slides to attract the attention of any visitor.

Using Unlimited Layers

Many sliders limit you to a single image per slide. LayerSlider WP provides unlimited layers so you can get as creative as you want. Use text and an image on one slide and use text, audio and a background image on the next. Every layer can feature text, images, audio, video or customized HTML.

Setting Up Slides

It’s not complicated to set up slides. You don’t even have to know how to code. The WYSIWYG and timeline editors give you full control over the layout and timing without complex coding. Drag and drop components on to each slide and preview it in real time. Adjust your timing with the timeline view to see exactly how the slider will look to your visitors.

LayerSlider WP offers advanced options without requiring advanced skills. You can customize nearly everything about the slider with the powerful API. You can even add multiple sliders to the same page with completely different settings. If you need a slider that is as unique as your site, this plugin has you covered.

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