OneEngine Theme – Features & How To Install

If you want to have a unique, modern and sharp looking WordPress website, then OneEngine is the ideal theme you should check out. This stylish theme developed by EngineThemes has stunning graphics, smooth functioning, is fully responsive and has many more features along with it. Icing on the cake is this one page WordPress theme is absolutely free and has very strong backend and frontend features and functionalities like parallax background, Ajax contact form, touch support, mobile support, carousal, over 60 animation effects and almost unlimited colour schemes.

These features definitely make it one of the most aspired WordPress theme on our list. However, despite lots of features, installing and using this theme is a bit tedious. Also because of being free, not much of theme support is available online. So here we shared some of the important tips on how to install and use this amazing theme:

How to install OneEngine Theme:

So first thing first, how do I get this gorgeous theme? For that go to official EngineTheme’s website or download it from here absolutely free. Now that you have downloaded the zip file, log in to your WordPress dashboard, go to appearance, and select ‘themes’. Click on ‘Add New’ button at top of the page, then select ‘Upload Theme’. After uploading the theme, click on activate the theme. Your theme should now be activated.

But wait! This was just the easy part. The real challenge starts from here. How do I edit the content on this theme? Why my articles and posts aren’t showing? Why any of the menu links not working? Did there something went wrong or is this theme corrupt all along? The answer is ‘No’, it’s not corrupt – it’s just different.

To finally activate the OneEngine theme, go to ‘Appearance’, then select ‘Layout Builder’. Now create a layout for your website page here. For each section that you want to be seen on your website, drag and drop ‘Container (open)’ and ‘Container (close)’ blocks from the menu in the left to the template space. This will allow you to add content over the page in your website. Now insert the other blocks in between the container according to the type of content that you want to add. Save your template and copy ‘[template id=”xyz”]’ at the top of the page. Paste this template id in a new page where you want to show your website and save it. Voila! Your website is ready to go.

How to activate the menu:

Now that your website has been activated, let’s come to its stylish sleek menu. Initially, when you click on the items in the menu, nothing will happen. To activate the menu, go to ‘Appearance’, ‘Menus’ and add a new menu that you want to use. Click on the ‘Links’ from the options available to the left of main space. After clicking, add the URL of the website and suffix it with #Contact (your category name), label your navigation name what you want. Note here not to use multiple names separated by underscore in #tag_with_space. After you are done, add the link to menu and save your changes. Next, go to ‘Appearance –> Layout Builder’, under the ‘Container (open)’ block, fill the name of the hashtag to ‘Select the block’s ID to link with menu header’. Done! Your menu links should work now.

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