Healthcare Marketing

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San Diego County sports 24 hospitals and 7000 physicians. Ten percent of the region’s employees work in health services, serving 3.2 million people. About 20% will have physician contact annually or 642,000 patients. Last year 87% of the population accessed the internet for health-related answers.

For San Diego County, that means 2.8 million people accessed the internet for answers! In terms of market, 2.8 million is not insignificant.

Digital Marketing Replacing Outdated Relationship, Direct, or Analog Approaches

Old-school marketing would attempt to access that 2.8 million figure using a personal approach. That cannot work efficiently when the numbers of potential consumers is considered. Direct mail might have some success, but internet addresses are not readily convertible to snail mail and attempts at mass e-mailing ends up in spam folders. Analog approaches, though antiquated, may successfully contact consumers, but sorting and preparation of materials is very limited by today’s standards. Digital marketing, either by participation in an umbrella marketing program like the digital mall or by establishing an actual website, offers one key advantage: The consumer initiates the business contact!

Web Content—Consistency

By setting up an internet mall contact or website suitably configured and secure, any business can be sure that company information is consistent across the internet, regardless of city, county, state, or nation from which the consumer initiates that contact. An internet referral site readily supports any digital contacts made by that consumer. Hippa compliance can be assured, but business and internet mediators must understand privacy laws related to health products and records mediated by the internet. Compliance can be managed, but businesses will want to contractually have any intermediaries assure Hippa compliance.

Potential Clientele

Potential businesses that have an interest in health care is quite large. What they and provider intermediaries must understand as they develop marketing strategies for consumers is that contacts are consumer-driven. Simply, if a web mall site or website does not answer consumer questions, consumers will not come to any digital address on the internet! Here’s where psychologists and focus groups may help in designing a strategy for getting the consumer to click on the business’ web address.

So what are consumers looking for in the health domain? How about medicine or herbals? People all over the world use herbals, the original source for most medicines. Actually it is about eight out of ten people. Even a health care strategy like homeopathy has about two percent of the population as adherents. In terms of San Diego County, the number is probably about 2.7 million potential consumers for herbals alone and 642,000 for homeopathy potions. As for medicine, it is a surprise. Only 70% of people are taking those prescriptions, or 2.2 million people in terms of San Diego.

And that’s just medicines! Think about people looking for doctors, chiropractors, dentists, audiologists, crutches, wheelchairs, health insurance, or even toothpaste. The market for internet marketing for health-related goods and services in San Diego is considerable. If you are considering hiring a professional to implement changes that will bring more traffic and higher revenue online feel free to get in contact with me and let me know your goals, current marketing and overall budget.

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