Free Tools For SEO, PPC, Social Media

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Being a digital marketer means you have to leverage the best tools, software and connections to truly get your clients successful ROI. With constant software updates, internal business changes and the fact that disruption is what the industry revolves around it is difficult to constantly stay ahead. After years of marketing and endless trials of marketing tools and software I’ve combined a list that I thought would be useful for other internet marketing consultants to use. Of course not all of these tools are still as effective (some may have improved) or the payment plans may have increased. Nonetheless, I’ve combined this list of free tools into categories to make it easier for you to test and try each based on the situation or campaign you are running.

What are these Internet Marketing Tools?

This list has taken me over 5 years to put together and countless hours of testing and trying these out. Also, it wasn’t the easiest to organize each tool by function. They range from CRO, PPC, Social, Content Marketing, Graphics, Analytics, basically anything that has helped me with clients and marketing over my years. I would greatly appreciate if you could please share this page on linkedin, google +, twitter, facebook, etc. and link if possible as a courtesy. Thanks in advance, and either way I hope you get some great usage out of this for your clients and marketing business.

Download Free Online Marketing Tools Now Here – Click this link

The link above will open an excel document of a wide range of tools you can download and save to your personal computer. Please let me know if you experience any glitches, I’ve checked it out prior to launching the page and it worked for me so you should be good to go. Thanks.

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