Five Cloud Security Myths Debunked

The recent, yet rapid growth of the World Wide Web has introduced a vast amount of services, that couldn’t be imagined to exist a couple of years back. However, whenever an average Joe or Jane hears the word “cloud”, a tidal wave of stress and insecurity starts orchestrating in their minds. Although cloud-based systems are far from impervious to every and any security threat, their vulnerability is more than often overstated. I’ve prepared a list of 5 myths with regards to the Cloud and did my best in order to list of priority below:

You Have no Control over Where Your Data Goes

If your company is doing business internationally, chances are that your data will travel from one content to the next. What this means is that you depend on local CSPs – that is, unless you opt for building your own data centers all over the world. Keep in mind not even the wealthiest of business can afford to do this. While it is true that these local CSP providers are somewhat necessary if you are at all serious about your business, you’re still in control of where your data travels. In fact, not only do you get a say in this matter, but it is your responsibility to follow local data safety regulations. In order to enjoy the transparency from your provider in a cheapest manner, while remaining in control, you might want to opt for finding a global CSP that operates in multiple countries.

The Cloud means more Breach Risk

The Interweb is not a safe place to be at – everyone needs to realize this. However, you should ask yourself – is anything in this world safe? I recently visited Europe which is typically a very safe continent and you could have thought otherwise with all the travel advisories and warnings.  If you’re constantly oblivious to obvious threats, not paying any attention to risk factors that life in general can bring upon, yes of course there is ALWAYS risk. While the Cloud is prone to breaches, online threats bring an equal amount of risk for private infrastructures and service provider networks. If appropriate security policies are utilized, the security threats to a cloud-based system are no bigger than to that of any other piece of infrastructure.

Spying on Cloud is Easy

The fact that the virtual machines within a data center are on the same server, doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone can look into each other’s business. If you’re sharing a data center with your employees only, you can pretty much rest assured that you’re in the clear. If you want to stay completely safe, however, there’s always an option of remote support, which lets you control any one machine at any given moment.

I am Better off Without a Cloud-Based Platform

In order to keep your head above the surface of a shark-infested ocean of ambitious entrepreneurs, you need to keep up with all the useful trends. Cloud sharing excels at this usefulness – in fact, it is extremely difficult to keep a business up and running nowadays without this brave new invention. By tremendously cutting down on the time lost on sending mail, printing out documents and such, this new trend has been rendered crucial for any business to function. Unfortunately, due to lack of general knowledge and a couple of over-exaggerated prejudices, a number of prominent businesses have seen their downfalls.

Staying On-Premise is Safer

Contrary to the popular belief, malware is just as likely to attack cloud systems as those working on separate networks. Everyone needs to face hard facts – nothing is completely safe! We hope that these 5 debunked myths will help you rid yourself of unnecessary prejudice when it comes to Cloud-based systems. Follow the security protocols, maintain a healthy dose of wariness and feel free to enjoy all the benefits that the Cloud brings upon.

So there you have it, overall Cloud Based software is highly useful to leverage – don’t be fooled into thinking it’s cons can possibly outweigh it’s benefits.



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