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How To Approach Hiring An E-Commerce Agency?

Do you want a one stop shop? Or are you looking for an agency or consultant that specifically provides one service such as; SEO or PPC? Chances are you are already employing several channels of marketing and it is ALWAYS best to have all channels working together. Unfortunately, the reality these days, is that most larger companies and agencies are not specialized in specific area’s – they have tend to try to add too many clients and offer too many services. I’ve personally witnessed over the years that majority of the agency model is to charge clients with high expenses but employ junior level employees to do the actual work. Choose the best specialized professionals in E-commerce search and you will get higher quality and therefore ROI in your digital media spend.

Online marketing is extremely powerful as it is more automated and easier to track than any other form of marketing. Don’t expect a quick ROI but rather be prepared to invest first and have a annual strategy that builds over time exponentially compared to offline marketing. If you are looking for a specialized consultancy feel free to fill out the form/call direct with specifications so we have a better idea of your business needs. We’ve worked with some of the main brands and products in health/beauty, skincare, automotive, medical devices, mens grooming, watches and more. If we aren’t the right fit, we will still save you money and a headache by steering you towards the right fit/strategy.

Once the e-commerce consultancy or specialist is hired, you’ll also want to hold realistic expectations and KPI’s for the service. We start each of our campaigns off with extensive research and baselines so we can ensure we set and hit our achieved milestones. Our job is not only to drive results but educate, communicate and remind you of what is going on and be your business partner’s online. Many CMO’s and CEO’s are too busy to be bodged down with intricate details of SEO/SEM, we handle all of this but ensure to communicate milestones in a broad overview that directly ties to sales and revenue.


Ecommerce marketing leverages existing audience that is already loyal and aware of brand, while engaging new unique customers online and growing the user base incrementally. Not all E-commerce strategies are created equal. Search Engine Optimization strategies, resources and time will vary greatly from that of Paid Advertising. Working with various national & international E-Commerce stores (references available) we have the working knowledge and experience to bring R.O.I. online in 2020.

Real time monitoring in Google Analytics & various software to drive insight into promotions, large media buy or content marketing ROI. Leverage the capabilities of website diagnostics, with user experience and conversion mapping.

Unique views and non-branded traffic should be isolated from existing or loyal basis of users. E-commerce SEO should bring unique visits independent of direct traffic.

If more channels are being pursued outside of search or online marketing a quality SEO agency/consultancy will analyze and help interpret the benefits. These could be for example, referral networks of media online and which yield highest value.

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