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E-Commerce Revenue Growth

With An Experienced Consultant

“My Goal is to take your products and place them in front of a targeted audience and generate buzz utilitzing my own proven strategy. If your business has a Quality Product, Good Reputation & Some Marketing in Place I would love to see how I can grow your revenue online."

E-Commerce Specialist, Strategy & Consulting

Ecommerce marketing and digital strategy should account for targeted existing audience already buying product while engaging new unique customers online,growing your user base incrementally. Not all E-commerce strategies are created equal. Search Engine Optimization will vary greatly from Social Media or Remarketing/Paid Advertising. Working with various national & international e-Commerce stores (references available) I have the knowledge and skill to bring R.O.I. online whether your business is fairly new or already converting and bringing high numbers of revenue.

What Does Effective Marketing Leverage?

To manage your budget, competitors and existing marketing channels?

In The Now

Real time monitoring in Google Analytics & various softwares while if significant press release, promotion or large media buy takes place. Leverage the capabilities of this free javascript Google currently gives away for free!

Segmentation Of New Activities

Unique views and non-branded traffic should be isolated from existing or loyal basis of users. E-commerce SEO should bring unique visits independent of direct traffic.

Extended Offline Awareness

If more channels are being pursued outside of search or online marketing a good consultant will analyze and help interpret success. Referral networks of media online and which channels yield highest value.

Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce

For E-commerce stores that have shifted majority of spend/advertising budget online a qualified consultant will offer the best solution. If you own a store in Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, Joomla or a different solution it is essential that you are optimizing and have a custom plan for your niche, products and goals.

Many Digital Marketing companies pitch the same contract or proposal for a wide net of clients – Stay away from this! Follow your gut if you feel you are part of a production SEO or digital strategy and continue searching for a digital solution for your business. This is what is successful for your business. A bad engagement is extremely unprofitable both in monthly fees (up to $10k re-occurring) and in energy spent with no ROI. Consultants offer the nimble expertise and have equal resources but will stay on top and accountable for your E-commerce store.

Preliminary E-Commerce Campaign Questions

  • Call Several Options (Agency & Consultants)
  • Assess Initial Feedback in Depth
  • Seek A Customized or Unique Plan (Get Value for What You Will Be Paying)
  • Be Realistic With Budget (Digital Marketing is time consuming, expensive but powerful)
  • Ask Technical Questions To Receive Valuable Consultation (This should yield feedback that will earn higher ROI/Traffic)

Agency, Consultant or Specialized Team?

Once you’ve gone through the process of starting a new or transitioning to a e-commerce specialist you’ll also want to understand what you have in store. Agencies and consultants tend to be a differed approach and as with most marketing efforts it is most effective to find the companies that well known for their successes in one arena (Remarketing, SEO, Media Buying, etc.). This ensures your business gets highest quality of each individual marketing channel versus thinking a one-stop shop is best. Although it may be easier for accounting purposes you ultimately will have a loss at your bottom line. Choose specialized teams, consultants or agencies for each silo you want to employ.

Due Diligence - Finding The Right Fit

Bundling overall spend in one agency is an outdated approach that simply doesn’t work in 2016. Chances are you will be excited about several departments such as SEO, paid search and social media working together in your campaign. The truth is this isn’t the reality. The reality is most larger companies not specialized have too limited resources to truly excel at each. I’ve personally witness over the years that you will be paying high expenses to have a junior level employee doing majority of the work. Choose the best specialized professionals and you will get higher quality and therefore ROI in your digital media spend.

Online marketing is extremely powerful as it is more automated and easier to track than any other form of marketing. Don’t expect a quick ROI but rather be prepared to invest first and have a channel that builds with time but in a much larger capacity than offline. If you are looking for a specialized consultant feel free to fill out the form/call direct with specifications so I have a better idea of what to offer. I’ve worked with some of the largest distributors of product for sporting goods, internet radios, skincare, health products, apparel and more. If we aren’t the right fit, I will still save you money and a headache by steering you towards the right fit/strategy.

Your Competition Is Already Growing Online