Digital Marketing Events in 2015

The world of marketing is constantly changing as technological advances are made and the challenge of staying on the cutting edge of the blending of digital marketing and technology can become a daunting task. However, without keeping up with the massive amounts of changes being made in this modern world, professionals in the marketing arena may find a plethora of missed opportunities. A number of conferences exist to provide such solutions to digital marketers, providing real-time options for maximizing strategies and the ability to make powerful connections cross-wide.

The Search Engine Strategies Conference provides a variety of resources to help marketers further develop their skills. According to their website, their primary focus is on education and they provide the gateway of networking sessions so that attendees can share their experience and knowledge with each other and develop new business relationships. Founded in 1999, the SES utilizes the entire spectrum of marketing agendas and aims at helping professionals stimulate the growth of their businesses. Targeting key changes in areas such as social media, business management, SEO and Analytics allows practitioners to become multi-skilled and to learn how to optimize techniques that go with the industry. Tools that excel performance are available that detail the very latest tactics and strategies with the utilization of real-life examples.

The SES is more than just a conference – it’s also an expo that features around 100 vendors! This is the prime place to discover leading brands that assist in empowering the entire digital industry. The best part about the conference is the breakfasts, parties, cocktails and bars where participants can easily network with other professionals in a fun atmosphere.

The Search Marketing Expo is designed by the brightest minds in the industry and is a global search engine marketing conference series with tens of thousands of participants who have attended over the span of its 10-year operation. According to their website, some of the topics discussed in the annual expo include: how to dominate arenas like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google + and more; how to measure up with social analytics; efficiently connecting via LinkedIn; learning how to market on Reddit and tips on choosing the right headlines, images and content to optimize social sharing.

The American Marketing Association’s annual AMA Conference focuses on emerging trends and the latest innovations to enhance the knowledge-base of participants who take advantage of varied optional tutorials. According to the conference website, examples of session topics include: solving content crisis; advanced marketing segmentation; learning how to brand from the inside out; discovering how to align goals with the appropriate digital metrics and utilizing qualitative research techniques to build clientele. Established in 1937, the AMA has grown to become one of the leading marketing associations in the world with over 30,000 members who work, teach and study in the field of marketing worldwide. The organization is counted on as being the most credible marketing resource, empowering marketers to stay relevant and providing the corresponding tools and training necessary to stay current in the industry.

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