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Why is Data and Analytics important?

  • Algorithm Updates

    Regarding your online platform awareness, it is essential to constantly monitor the shifts in trends and where your most momentum regarding page authority, indexation volume and keyword rankings are.

  • Testing and Conversion

    With sufficient data one can experiment with the language on the page (Calls to Action, Engaging Headlines) while reflecting back on exact changes to identify if the potential to gain low hanging fruits are existent or which test are failures.

  • Shifting Environment

    It is no secret that the dynamics of advertising and marketing have changed greatly due to the nature of how consumers are seeking and being exposed to products/services. Data is equivalent to currency in a world where tracking can be held accountable.

Digital Marketing Isn’t Like Offline Marketing.

White Hat Growth – Natural SEO Traffic

I would rather be honest and build your online platform as a sustainable long-term lead generation/marketing vehicle than be aggressive and risk search engine penalties or de-indexation. Many consultants and firms will put your campaign out of focus once you sign with them or outsource all activities leaving control to outside sources. The conflict with outsourcing your digital efforts is simple. This is cutting corners and not offering any true value to the end user. The search engine is extremely sophisticated these days and intelligent in distinguishing what websites should be granted authority based on how they treat there users when they land on-site.
Have you ever searched for something and been frustrated by intrusive pop-ups? Have you ever searched for something and not found what you were looking for the first couple times? Yes, these are traits I help with. Simply put, I give am the middleman or liaison between your website and the search engine. I help the search engine help your consumers – this is a win-win strategy for all. Below is a local campaign I have been running, these metrics will continue to grow despite algorithmic updates and in a situation where SEO is extremely hard to do. Make Sense?

Quality First – Then Quantity. Conversions before careless traffic.

Your Competition Is Already Growing Online