The 2015 Boom in Content Marketing

Content marketing involves creating valuable and relevant content in order to acquire an audience to promote customer action. Trends can include shareable visuals, how-to tutorials or blog posts that each cater to a specific audience.

While content marketing is expected to soar to new heights in 2015, Fortune Magazine recently featured the popular company, Outbrain. According to the founder, his former endeavors with his previous company, Taboola failed to deliver the best results. At the heart of Taboola’s decline was poorly-managed content marketing and other common forms of online advertising, which displayed cluttered banner ads and made the consumer experience unpleasant.

So how does a company take the lead in the arena this year and avoid common pitfalls associated with content marketing? According to the Content Marketing Institute and Forbes, there are specific research-driven insights into successfully implementing content management in 2015.

1. The percentage of responders using content marketing is declining but that may be a good thing; marketers are beginning to understand that content used to promote marketing no longer equates to content marketing. Forbes estimates that the annual growth percentage of content production is 200 percent; this will create more of an emphasis on creating useful content with the intent of making more meaningful connections. Not all content will work for every brand; the brands that capture a targeted audience with their content will benefit from the boom and people will most likely be drawn to content that provides something unique.

content-is-king-42. The key to effectiveness across every segment is implementing a documented content marketing strategy. Only around half of content marketers currently have a documented strategy. Brands that incorporate the strategy of including both SEO and content will drastically succeed in the digital arena. A typical mistake a company will make it to believe that SEO and content can stand alone; in fact, according to Forbes, the two are very much intertwined. The success of SEO actually depends on the quality of the content.

3. Brands that implement video into their content will see a successful year; written content used to be the most important format but times have definitely changed. More than 100 million consumers watch videos daily; 2015 will showcase more videos than any previous year. Video-embedded content and how-to videos will increase as brands begin to understand how important video-based content is.

4. Marketers who publish daily or weekly will excel this year. Providing content to your audience on a consistent basis is extremely important to maintaining your professional relationship with consumers. It is a gentle reminder that your brand is actively connecting, keeping it fresh on the audience’s mind.

Companies that will gain the most exposure in 2015 will offer diverse content for both desktop and mobile consumers. Success will be determined by how well a company merges visual, written and video content with appropriate SEO integration. Social media will continue to be an important component of content success. Brands that excel at serving consumers with truly useful information will most likely keep their audience for years to come.

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