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Sounds great – Please read below to find out more of how we work and our goals to see if we sound like a good fit.

I value time as a commodity and results motivate me. I have a very strong foundation in search but also implement/consult on a wider net of digital strategies. I am well versed in User Experience, Analytics, E-Commerce & WordPress. I want to grow your business as it is mine, if you can’t justify my marketing expense then it will not be a very long term situation.  This is not what I consider good business, and I am not in the “churn and burn” I’ve seen too many companies with this model and I have far too much pride in what I do. Majority of my clients have been with my team for over a year and we’ve built their business growth together as a partnership. I’ve built a team of experts in what they do, with affordable rates so we can give value.

We continually improve campaigns based on metrics. I don’t believe in selling a campaign or my services if we cannot truly help your business or we are not the right fit. What’s the point? We need to both have skin in the game and respect each other to dominate, anything less does not amount to results. Online marketing is a long haul strategy we need to be in this together. Since 2008 I’ve recovered, helped and saved websites that got hit by algorithmic updates or hired on junior interns. Launching my own venture my goal was to provide attributable results for businesses and engage in long term business relations where my team is the trusted source for your business when it comes to the online landscape.

We work best with brands that have adequate budget and time and understand the strategy is long-term progression. We do not lock into year long obligations like many agencies because once you see the results they speak for themselves.

If you have a unique service, product or idea and have sufficient funding, marketing budget already in place to begin the process of growing your venture, we are a great fit.

If you are an e-commerce store owner or marketer running an e-commerce site we need to talk. I can get long term sustainable results via SEO, Paid Search, Affiliates and e-mail consulting. One of my longest and main client is the top leading diet pill in the US with over 500k uniques per month. I’ve personally consulted for international brands such as DJO Global, Grace Digital & Skincare By Alana and more. My team is nimble and typically the larger the existing traffic or marketing the larger an impact my team can create. We are better than your last agency because we put your budget to work for you and focus on results first.

If you have a local business and need someone to put you on top of the search engine and get more referrals you’ve found the right team. I’ve run paid search, social ads, and organic campaigns for dozens of local business owners as well as for myself (your reading it).

Contractual Basics:

Below are my starting pricing points for each, Please understand an initial call is necessary to estimate the desired work, functionality and my hours involved in the campaign, website, etc.

  • SEO – I craft proposals to your budget, if no budget defined I will recommend budget based on competition, results desired and niche. Additionally, I offer a paid audit for $300 which is 20 pages + of actionable items to craft a campaign or hours to allocate. Campaigns are better value as I can offer more services such as full reporting, analytics setup/tracking, outreach and offsite SEO. For clients that are not seeking full commitment, depending on current client roster I offer consulting by the hour as well with a minimum block of 10 hours.
  • Timelines – My Minimum SEO Agreement is 120 days but 6 months to a Year is what you should financially and mentally prepare for in any digital marketing campaign.
  • WordPress – I can help build your next wordpress project with my lead developer and designer. All redesigns are custom PSD to WordPress, I no longer hack existing themes (sorry). Minimum WordPress design/development projects start at $6,500 and go higher depending on functionality and branding needed.
  • Paid Search & Advertising -Please call me/e-mail as platform pricing and spend carry various pricing.

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