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WordPress Design & Development, SEO &  Marketing Automation
WordPress Design & Development, SEO &  Marketing Automation

WordPress Design & Development, SEO & Marketing Automation

Custom WordPress Design & Development


Rancho Bernardo Pet Hospital (San Diego based Veterinary) was the right kind of challenge. The owner Jatain had just bought a new established practice and was looking for branding and marketing automation. The initial challenges were:

Non Existent Brand
As the company was brand new we had to explore all avenues.

Local Lead Generation & Visibility
The business was not fully maximizing it’s lead generation, which is vital for all small businesses. Without new customers and lead’s finding your business online you are relying on word of mouth and referrals, which is not a reliable source of business as it comes and goes. We knew we had to bake search engine optimization and a website that was seen on all devices to maximize exposure into the overall design and development.

A Website That Assisted Business Operations
This was an exciting challenge and one that set’s our consultancy apart from 99% of other website designers/developers. Priding ourselves on being true growth hackers, we have a very solid basis in marketing automation, seo and advertising that we ensure is incorporated into our websites. We knew the owner wanted more than just a static page for customers to look at, he wanted an extension online that would assist business operations such as bookings, accounting and more.


Logo, Color Palette & Personalization
After assessing logo’s the client wanted and with some input of our own we started defining the color palette we would use for the logo that also would be transitioned throughout the website for consistency of brand. After several iterations we decided on the beautiful logo below and color palette to begin the web design. We also had to ensure we satisfied Jatain’s requests by adding more personalization to the website. We facilitated a photo session to get office photography, head shots and graphics to splice into the homepage. This had a personalized feel to the business vs giving an unfriendly, corporate look.

Marketing Automation For Small Business
This was really fun, again because we are marketers that also produce beautiful website’s – we aren’t just designers. This required a customized approach to find the best tools available and ensure we included them into the design and functionality of the website. We used several WordPress plugins and employed tools such as Fullslate bookings and Demand Force to customize bookings and automate business. For example, with the help of Demand Force, the owner was able to expedite booking and experiences by allowing users to book appointments with their mobile devices, as well as post patient follow-up via text automation.

SEO & Mobile Optimization
Not only focusing on design and automation allowed us to help Jatain with other important factors that help local businesses get seen such as geographic targeting, review garnering, Google My Business optimization and mapping out of website pages for the search engine. We also cross tested the website on all major browsers and devices to ensure perfect rendering and pixelation of the website.

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Our custom WordPress Design and Development helped Rancho Bernardo Pet Hospital:

  • Our custom WordPress Design and Development helped Rancho Bernardo Pet Hospital:
  • Increase bookings via organic traffic and mobile access to website/bookings.
  • Automate operations and free up valuable time an employee would spend manually doing processes.
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Cody is our source both for Shopify and Digital Marketing. He has been invaluable with implementing advertising and conversion strategies that has grown our business online!

Cody helped us to understand not only how to drive traffic to our website, but also what users are looking for and how they use the site. Through working with him, we were able to increase traffic drastically, and offer an overall improved user experience. We were extremely happy with the results and the cooperation.

With Cody, within 3 Months of SEO he increased our visibility of 14 URLs and over 140%! He offers clever techniques and excellent communication.

Cody has been an amazing asset to our SEO growth. I highly recommend investing in his work.

Before we used Cody as our primary e-commerce consultant we went from agency to agency. Each time we didn’t know what they where even doing and spending thousands of dollars a month. When we found Cody we were skeptical naturally but within months we made significant ROI and have our source we long needed.

Mr. Bollerman is a rare example of an effective and helpful Marketing Master. Thanks to his supervision, I now have a website and marketing campaign that I am proud of. He possesses a powerful combination of expert knowledge and innate leadership abilities. I would highly recommend Cody, he will do great things for your business. Please contact me via LinkedIn if you would like to know more.