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Shopify Design & Development
Shopify Design & Development

Shopify Design & Development

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Megabee was a challenge initially just like any website redesign with a fully functioning business because you don’t want mess up the existing website traffic or experience. With an established brand and many existing customers already ordering product it was important any important features that helped the customer journey stayed in place while improving the overall website experience. The initial challenges were:

  • The website lacked a professional look and feel as it was built a decade prior from a freelance designer with no prior experience.
  • The platform the website was built on was obsolete and very hard to manage (Adobe).
  • Client needed a way to streamline processes vs having existing customers find website and pickup the phone to order vs directly
  • using the website to complete the process.
  • Branding was inconsistent with packaging of product causing confusions to new customers.
  • Although the website had some SEO it lack core fundamentals to increase visibility.
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Based on the challenges above our team took a deep dive into these core components to solve the issues:

Exploration before designing
Megabee hired us to do an introductory design brainstorm prior to even engaging in the build out of the wesbsite. This enabled us to redesign the color palette entirely and have consistency throughout the website.

Migration To Shopify
Migrating the website to Shopify meant that the client would be able to produce content such as blog posts with ease and also use extensions that supported marketing and the overall business model financials.

SEO & Experimentation
The website and user experience were greatly improved as we conducted thorough research and mapped out the website to rank for specific keywords. We also ran an Adwords campaign to identify how Google would respond to the landing page prior to fully completing the end design.

Our solution was to customize a Shopify website that was:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Fast loading speed time
  • SEO optimized
  • Easy for client to use
  • Automated via plugins
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Rebranding Megabee and focusing not only design but also marketing and core business objectives resulted in:

  • Much more bandwidth for Megabee’s team and less manual processing of new orders.
  • More traffic finding the product from Google Organic and Google Adwords (higher quality score).
  • A new brand that increased conversion rate
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Cody is our source both for Shopify and Digital Marketing. He has been invaluable with implementing advertising and conversion strategies that has grown our business online!

Cody helped us to understand not only how to drive traffic to our website, but also what users are looking for and how they use the site. Through working with him, we were able to increase traffic drastically, and offer an overall improved user experience. We were extremely happy with the results and the cooperation.

With Cody, within 3 Months of SEO he increased our visibility of 14 URLs and over 140%! He offers clever techniques and excellent communication.

Cody has been an amazing asset to our SEO growth. I highly recommend investing in his work.

Before we used Cody as our primary e-commerce consultant we went from agency to agency. Each time we didn’t know what they where even doing and spending thousands of dollars a month. When we found Cody we were skeptical naturally but within months we made significant ROI and have our source we long needed.

Mr. Bollerman is a rare example of an effective and helpful Marketing Master. Thanks to his supervision, I now have a website and marketing campaign that I am proud of. He possesses a powerful combination of expert knowledge and innate leadership abilities. I would highly recommend Cody, he will do great things for your business. Please contact me via LinkedIn if you would like to know more.