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Search Engine Optimization & Paid Search
Search Engine Optimization & Paid Search

Search Engine Optimization & Paid Search

SEO & PPC For E-Commerce


The challenge for this e-commerce in the baby products & medical device niche was they had just rebranded their website but weren’t bringing enough qualified, new users to their product offering. They relied mainly on their social media for sales and their wholesale partners, failing to reach the full business to consumer sector (pregnant women, grandma’s, etc.)

The main challenges were:

Lack Of Strategic Direction
There wasn’t an expert that understood the full online landscape. Although they had a small internal team, they mainly just had someone writing blogs without research and not doing any activities outside of Social Media.

Unclear On How To Speak To The Target Market
With hundreds of searches the target market was already doing monthly the client lacked knowledge of this prior to hiring us. They knew who the target market was but they did not understand how to connect the website to them.

No Optimization Or Omni-Channel Marketing In Place
Prior to hiring us they did not do much on the website so the website authority was not growing. There was no monthly activity to optimize user experience, improve the crawlibility, etc. Additionally, the client was not fully employing strategic marketing channels that were necessary to scale the business (SEO/PPC).

Low Domain Authority
The website was not growing in terms of what the search engine scored the overall authority. That meant the keywords and traffic where not being seen as Google viewed other websites more important for page 1 rankings.

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Upon hiring us, we did a full Google Analytics audit and discovered there was a lot of opportunity for improvement. Here are the solutions we achieved over a full year of a monthly campaign:

Introduced and educated client on two marketing channels (SEO & Paid Search)
Both channels provided a very high level of return on investment once there was sufficient time learning how to optimize. SEO provided exponential growth and Paid Search secured competitors stealing branded searches in Google. Our introduction of one PPC campaign achieved $10,229 from $800!

Used Content Marketing To Speak To Target Market
We researched and put together a monthly content strategy for their in house writer. Not only did we provide exactly how to create the content we provided SEO optimizations once published. We also used content externally in the form of guest posting on related niche websites. This exposed our brand and product to high level websites such as parenting.com and familytoday.com

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The results for our two campaigns were exponential. From SEO & Paid Search we achieved:

SEO Improved sales, keyword rankings and visibility
Over the span of a year we increased revenue 60% organically, domain authority 14 points (25-39) and keyword rankings went from 63 to 1,052.

Paid Search Improved sales, protected brand from aggressive competitors and created a multi-channel approach Overall return on investment for paid search was 312%. We successfully confirmed a need for a new product (Gender Reveal) while protecting the brand from many of the amazon resellers and competing products bidding on name.

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Cody is our source both for Shopify and Digital Marketing. He has been invaluable with implementing advertising and conversion strategies that has grown our business online!

Cody helped us to understand not only how to drive traffic to our website, but also what users are looking for and how they use the site. Through working with him, we were able to increase traffic drastically, and offer an overall improved user experience. We were extremely happy with the results and the cooperation.

With Cody, within 3 Months of SEO he increased our visibility of 14 URLs and over 140%! He offers clever techniques and excellent communication.

Cody has been an amazing asset to our SEO growth. I highly recommend investing in his work.

Before we used Cody as our primary e-commerce consultant we went from agency to agency. Each time we didn’t know what they where even doing and spending thousands of dollars a month. When we found Cody we were skeptical naturally but within months we made significant ROI and have our source we long needed.

Mr. Bollerman is a rare example of an effective and helpful Marketing Master. Thanks to his supervision, I now have a website and marketing campaign that I am proud of. He possesses a powerful combination of expert knowledge and innate leadership abilities. I would highly recommend Cody, he will do great things for your business. Please contact me via LinkedIn if you would like to know more.