5 Amazing Apps For Your Start-up

apps for businessAny entrepreneurial-minded individual knows that keeping the budget to a minimal while maximizing revenue growth is the defining success of a start-up business. In a modern world that revolves around incredible technology these important goals are completely attainable. Take advantage of these five incredible apps that will enhance your business performance!

1. Paypal Here – If you’ve ever researched credit card terminals, you most likely know that expenses related to fees from the credit card companies themselves and from the merchants associated with the terminal add up very quickly. Here’s how Paypal Here can help: accept payments right from your iPhone, iPad or Android device with a flat 2.7% fee per swipe. Non-U.S. cards are only 1% more and manually-entered cards are 3.5% + $0.15 per transaction. You’ll have the advantage of avoiding monthly fees and access to live customer support. Sign up for the free Paypal Mastercard and you’ll earn 1% cash back on all credit transactions on top of that!
2. LastPass – No one likes the hassle of having to write down their passwords on a notepad and storing passwords on a laptop is a security hazard. What’s worse is if you lose that notepad and cannot access any of your accounts. That’s where LastPass kicks in: this app allows you to securely access all of your accounts and it is only necessary to remember one password – the LastPass master password. All of your other passwords are stored to LastPass and it automatically logs-in to all of your other sites, synching your passwords when you need them. PCMag has labeled it a “must-use free tool that supports multiple operating systems and browsers.”
3. Google Analytics – This service generates statistics about your business’s website traffic; it is the most widely-used website statistics service. View traffic sources, target areas, how many visitors have viewed your site and measure conversions and sales. The free service measures activity and performance in great detail – you’ll even be able to view the average amount of time a visitor spent on individual pages of your site! If you are using social media to grow you can also track how many people have visited your Facebook and Twitter pages as well.Freedom Pop For Business
4. FreedomPop – Cell phone plans can be expensive, especially when you’re taking business calls all day. For a simple solution, FreedomPop offers free monthly 500MB of data, 500 text messages, 100 minutes of free international calls and 200 voice minutes. There are no contracts and no fees. Even more impressive than that, according to their website FreedomPop now offers 100% free unlimited voice, text and data for customers who purchase one of their phones; however, you can bring in your own device to receive these features if it is compatible with the FreedomPop app.
5. Dropbox – This handy cloud-based app allows you to “drop” all of your most important documents into their interface and retrieve them from your cell phone or another computer via their website. Losing the USB stick that has your resume on it won’t ever be a problem again with this app. Share files among employees safely and securely. According to CNET, the first 15GB is free and more space can be purchased as needed.

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