4 Ways to Win with Dynamic Cross Platform Mobile Ads

A survey of smartphone users found that 64 percent had made a mobile purchase as a direct result of seeing a mobile ad. That’s the good news. The bad news is that 74 percent of respondents reported that they had never seen a mobile ad from their favorite brands. It’s clear that there is money to be made off of mobile marketing, but businesses are either not aware of that information or not sure how to act on it.

Part of building a successful mobile marketing strategy involves subtle, repetitive branding techniques that repeatedly put your business’s name, logo, and products in front of your target demographic in a variety of ways. A dynamic cross-platform mobile ad does all that and more. Here are a few tips for creating a mobile ad that will help you build your brand and boost your sales:

Decide on Your Media Menu

Each platform has its own set of rules, regulations, and requirements you’ll need to satisfy before you can step up and join the party. The first step of designing a cross-platform mobile ad is to decide where your ad is going to go. From mobile-optimized websites to apps to games, there are plenty of options and not all of them are necessarily suitable for your business or perhaps this particular campaign. The tendency is to want to leave no stone unturned, but sometimes what’s underneath just isn’t worth the effort – at least not for you, or not this time around.

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Strategic Embedded Links Will Increase CTR

Consider Size

When it comes to designing advertising collateral for mobile platforms, one size most definitely does not fit all. When 72 percent of users say they don’t tap on ads that appear on their mobile phone simply because the screen is too small, it’s clear that proportions can seriously affect your ad’s efficacy. This is when multi-platform campaigns show their power: if you design a single ad that works in a variety of sizes, you can gain worthwhile exposure on, say, your mobile app while amassing actual clicks through the pop-up ad from a user’s tablet browser.

Be Wary of Placement

Your business needs a compelling ad that clearly relays its mission, message, and/or product. It’s fantastic – even preferred – to have an ad that the viewer can’t help but stop and take stock of, but if you interfere with the reader’s primary purpose you may leave behind a negative impression instead of inspiring a future purchase. For instance, having a pop-up ad that appears between levels of a popular game may get you tons of exposure, but to the user whose activity has been interrupted your brand is now known as a source of frustration. In fact, 54 percent of smartphone users say they avoid clicking on mobile ads for that very reason.

Be strategic about the placement of embedded links, as well; as many as half of the click-throughs a typical static mobile banner ad gets are accidental due to “fat fingers” and large impression areas. Those stray clicks are a waste of consumers’ time and likely a waste of your money, too.

Keep an Eye on Visuals

The content marketing boom thus far has concentrated heavily on the written word, but visual components such as infographics, video, and interactive/animated ads are trending in a big way. While text blocks require focus and reading comprehension in order to deliver your message, graphics can be scanned quickly and may be easier for some people to grasp, digest, and remember. A graphic ad isn’t just for banners or pop-ups anymore, either. SMS (short message service, aka “text”) advertising is largely based on alpha-numeric messages, but when you add an image it becomes an MMS (multimedia message service). That MMS can be quite the upgrade. Consider, for instance, the difference between a restaurant using SMS to send its subscribers a description of their nightly entrée special versus sending out a mouthwatering photo of the same dish.

In 2016, mobile ad spending is poised to top a whopping $100 billion globally, an impressive 51 percent of the entire digital market. How your business conquers the age of mobile marketing depends on the moves you make over the course of the next year. Take the advice of mobile marketing experts and act now to create a dynamic cross-platform mobile ad that consumers – and your bottom line – will love.

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