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70% of the links search users click on are organic.

Users that click through organic listings statistically have higher conversion rates and are more likely to trust the website versus assuming it is an advertisment.

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93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

If you are not indexing well in the search engine your bottom line is not sustainable. Leverage the power of on-going leads or sales via search.

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Mobile commerce transactions will reach $3.2 trillion in 2017

Is your online strategy tailored for the future? Mobile & Responsive design are just one component of why you should trust a well versed digital consultant on your campaign.

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80% of consumer budgets are spent within 50 miles of home

Even if operating nationally or internationally hyper-targeting and analyzing the most profitable geographical region yields the highest results. Trust a consultant who can bring large scale revenue by precision targeting.

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SEO Results - Cody Bollerman

SEO Client Annual Growth.

Why Hire Cody?

With Cody, within 3 Months of SEO he increased our visibility of 14 URLs and 140%! He offers clever techniques and excellent communication! – Leon Hu – CTO of Doctible Inc. 
Cody is our source both for shopify and digital marketing. He has been invaluable with implementing advertising and conversion strategies that has grown our business online! – Quinn Wardell – Co-Owner Megabee Inc.
Before we used Cody as our primary e-commerce consultant we went from agency to agency. Each time we didn’t know what they where even doing and spending thousands of dollars a month. When we found Cody we were skeptical naturally but within months we made significant ROI and have our source we long needed. – Edgar U. – Marketing Director Continuity Products



Making the decision to hire an Ecommerce digital marketing consultant will be one of the smartest decisions in terms of ROI. You are getting an expert with over 8 years experience with Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce and many other platforms that is fully dedicated to the long term success of your business. Agencies are full of junior level employees that get tasks and are rarely checked by busy senior level managers as they simply don’t have time. You see I left my last agency specifically because of this. I was tired of constantly juggling 20+ clients and seeing my clients spending $4k a month considered small pees and not worthy of my focus. That was crazy to me! That is destined to fail and was a constant churn and burn without a sense of pride I needed.

Why Am I Different?

I start all of my engagements with a full website audit which includes thorough analysis of traffic metrics (Google Analytics/Webmaster Tools). Working with me personally you will see instant value in creation of specific goals and a blueprint we can follow to get your online business doubling it’s revenue. I will either set a monthly retainer that makes sense in terms of current revenue or based on the hours I believe would make a difference for your business. I don’t believe in under-charging or over-charging. Neither work for me. One leads me feeling taken advantage of and another leads you feeling stressed out with marketing dollars not adding up to return and is a short term relationship.

I do not just stop at one channel either. Many of my long term successful clients I started with one channel to earn their trust and deliver what I promised and eventually they started asking me what was next. I never recommend something I don’t believe will offer value. Often times clients believe they must be on Facebook Advertising, the Google Ad Network or focused on Search Engine Optimization. An experienced ecommerce consultant I will be able to identify which platform and channel will resonate best with your target market and deliver the highest ROI first.

I’m not the type to bask in my success, rather I like to keep pushing and earning my clients more. If you are tired of spending marketing dollars and not seeing a solid return, or a serious looker please ask about my long term clients that love my work. I’ve been with many of my clients since I left my agency and they have grown my business exponentially with referrals. Enough about me, I’d love to learn about your business goals.



Customized Strategies

My ultimate goal is to double your initial online revenue. Then I’m tripling it. I’m experienced and have the case studies to prove it.

Here’s how: we’ll need to be flexible with changes in the online landscape but create actionable milestones, sticking to month over month growth in traffic and conversions. 


Each month all of my clients get a full report that is clear as day showing the monthly transactions and products that are doing well & how I’ve contributed.

I know I am only as valuable as the dollar I make you. I can’t stand old school direct marketing/branding consultants that talk about impressions, I’m all about attribution.


Data isn’t sexy, but it’s the pillar of our success. The issue I find with many businesses is focusing on the wrong metrics and data. Vanity metrics like how many page likes your blog post generated is fine but it’s connecting that post to product or overall growth in organic visits through your blog that counts.


It’s vital that I understand in and out what your USPs are, target market and how we can continue to place your business higher online and ahead of competitors. We’ll dominate holidays together with custom promotions and offerings your business has. I’ll get you press that will make your website look like the top business in that industry based off a quick Google search.

Trusted By:

Local SEO, WordPress & E-Commerce For:

Encinitas, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Carlsbad, Cardiff, Leucadia, San Marcos, Vista, Downtown San Diego, La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Old Town, Sorrento Valley, North Park, Torrey Highlands, Del Mar Heights,  Miramar Ranch North, Sunset Cliffs,  Carmel Valley, Del Cerro, Mission Hills, Carmel Mountain, Rancho Penasquitos and more.

Located in Beautiful San Diego, CA

What Clients Can Expect:


Working with me is not for every client. I respect that and in fact encourage competition because I want other digital marketing consultants to continue to improve the art of SEO/SEM.What you will get working directly with me is real, transparent results that bring your business margins higher. You will get a dedicated, experienced marketer that believes in creativity of each campaign and not just a spreadsheet of orders, directions or strategy I have not already proven. I work very hard for each of my clients and have pride in what I do so my end goal is to continue to grow and nurture the campaign and get the best results I can.

Accountability & On-Going Success

As a business owner myself I understand you do not have the bandwidth and time to do every aspect of growing/scaling your business. Successful business owners know how to hire the right help and focus on what they are best at. If you are hiring me for your digital marketing strategy you will find from the start I shoot straight and I am always working on your campaign. I am a self-starter and motivated by results so you can ask my clients – I don’t forget about your website and receive my checks each month.

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